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  • CF Flanges and Fittings
  • CF Flanges and Fittings

CF Flanges and Fittings

Product origin :WENZHOU

Supply capacity :100000 PCS one month

CF Flanges and Fittings


● CF Flanges are designed in accordance with ISO3669 and can be changed upon request.

● Flange size are from CF16 to CF250.

● CF flanges are available in both rotatable and non-rotatable models with through holes or tapped holes.

● Standard materials are 304 and 316L stainless steel.

● The system can afford up to 932°F(500°C) for copper gaskets. 399°F(204°C) for Viton gaskets. However, sustained heating above 302°F(150°C) may result in deterioration of the O-ring.

● CF products are supplied with a machining finish. Other finishes are also available.

● Easy assembly or disassembly.

● CF flanges are each tested before shipping.

● Vacuum Range:

        Copper gaskets: ≥ 10-12 Torr

        Fluorocarbon FKM(Viton) gaskets: ≥ 10-8 Torr

● Seal Tempreature Range:

        Copper: -325°F~842°F (-200°C~450°C)

        Fluorocarbon FKM(Viton): -4°F~302°F(-20°F~150°C)


● High vacuum and ultra high vacuum


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